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Added on: 2014, August 9th (Sat) at 14:15

2015 Issues

Security Council

The situation between North Korea and the USA.

The question of Libya.

Improving the relationship between Russian and NATO.

GA1: Disarmament and International Security

The establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East.

The use of weapons and ammunition containing depleted uranium.

The question of foreign intervention in internal conflict.

GA2: Economic and Financial

Combating and preventing bribery in the sectors of engineering, construction and real-estate in MEDCs.

Preventing the rapid decline of the Russian ruble and the rising of the American dollar from triggering a global financial crisis.

Organizing financial support for the education sector in the Middle Eastern countries.

GA3: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural

The rise in overweight and obese adults in developing countries.

The question of Ferguson and racism in general.

The concept of third gender.

GA4: Special Political and Decolonisation

The issue of youth joining jihadist groups.

The lingering impact of British nuclear tests in the Aboriginal land.

Measures to arrive at a compromise between the State of Israel and the Palestinians.

Economic and Social Council

The question of urban slums in upcoming economies.

Undertaking measures to increase the growth of small businesses.

Accelerating efforts to achieve gender equality.

Environment Committee

Combating the problem of tropical deforestation.

The dangers of tourism development in naturally valuable areas.

Protecting the environment from ionising radiation.

Human Rights Council

Preventing child participation in armed conflicts.

Measures to abolish slavery in Africa.

Combating crimes against employees of corporations.

Special Conference on Dangers of Development

The question of eradicating hazardous food technologies.

Preventing oil companies from conducting destructive environment exploitation activity.

Combating and preventing abuses of genetic engineering.