Do góry


Security Council
The war in Western Sudan
Israeli-Palestinian conflict
The Civil War in Libya

GA1: Disarmament and International Security
The risk of proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East and Asia
Measures to prevent an arms race in outer space.
The pressing question of strengthening security and cooperation in the Mediterranean Basin.

GA2: Economic and Financial
Measures to improve the impact of fair trade on local markets
The question of legalization of gambling for economic purposes.
Churches contributing to government revenues

GA3: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural
The issue of youths involvement in armed conflicts
The question of youth in the shadowy world of prostitution
The tragedy of teen suicide

GA4: Special Political and Decolonization
The question of independence ambitions in Catalonia, Galicia and the Basque country.
Measures to reduce the impact of the alt-right on countries’ economies
The issue of gun control and its implementation.

Human Rights Council
Culturally induced bias of gender inequality affecting the youth
The question of dowry
The question of Female Feticide

Environment Committee
Measures To Rectify The Problem Of Deforestation
The issue of the devastating effects of wildlife poaching
The question of fossil fuels and the energy crisis

Futuristic Council
The question of humanoid robotic technology and its development for military purposes.
The question of human colonization of the Moon.
The question of territorial disputes over Antarctica.

Special Conference on Hope for Youth
The question of the opioid epidemic affecting the youth
The youth-related issue of the un-virtual reality of Internet exploitation
The question of domestic terrorism in the guise of school violence