Do góry


Security Council
The question of the war in Somalia.
The conflict in Syria.
The issue of domestic terrorism in Europe.

GA1: Disarmament and International Security
The issue of world superpowers’ involvement in the Middle-Eastern conflicts.
The threat of expanding nuclear arsenals.
The issue of illegal arms shipping into conflict zones by private manufacturers.

GA2: Economic and Financial
The question of money as a legislation-affecting agent.
The issue of trade between countries who forbid animal testing and those who deem it mandatory.
The financial relations between USA and Mexico.

GA3: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural
The issue of reproductive rights and abortion.
The question of pre- and post-natal care for infants in MEDCs.
The issue of social exclusion and persecution against refugees in Europe.

GA4: Special Political and Decolonization
Creating education-related opportunities for refugee children.
The issue of the drug-war in Mexico.
The issue of increasing violence and instability in Afghanistan.

Human Rights Council
The issue of the use of chemical weapons and measures to alleviate their impact on civilians.
The question of death penalty practices in China.
The pressing issue of domestic violence against both men and women

Environment Committee
Measures to decrease smog pollution.
Measures to warrant a smooth transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.
The question of unsustainable fishing.

Special Conference on Hope for Democracy
The question of democratic rights in employment.
The issue of power and its maldistribution in democracies.
Minority rights and democratization.