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Security Council
Measures to combat ISIS.
The rising threat of cyber terrorist attacks.
Implementing measures to prevent  cease-fire violations in Ukraine.

GA1: Disarmament and International Security
Regulating the sector of weapon trade considering the rapid development of new technologies.
The question of abusing the crisis in Syria with a view to smuggling terrorists to Europe.
Biological warfare, involving the use of biological toxins and microorganisms as weapons of war.
The issue of small arms trade in Africa.

GA2: Economic and Financial
Measures to prevent emerging economies from submerging.
The issue of adopting pro-immigration policies.
The question of bio economy.
Measures to reduce growing global economic inequality.

GA3: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural
The question of refugees.
The issue of underdevelopment and poverty in hydrocarbon exporting countries.
Measures to eradicate growing social inequality.
Combating drug abuse and trafficking.

GA4: Special Political and Decolonization
The issue of high corruption rate in Latin America.
The issue of unstable situation in the Niger Delta.
The question of self-determination in Western-Sahara.
Improving the situation of non-self-governing territories.

Human Rights Council
Seeking an alternative to immigration detention for children seeking asylum.
The issue of impeded access to decent hygiene conditions.
The question of ongoing insecurity continued displacement and humanitarian access in Ukraine.
The issue of climate changes resulting in people’s inability to exercise human rights.

Special Conference on Climate Change:
Measures to reduce pollution caused by the agriculture industry.
The issue of alternative power sources.
Measures to alleviate the effects of extreme weather conditions.
Developing and implementing policies that promote green growth in the energy sector.