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UN Women

UN Women

Special Conference is a committee that has relevance to the Main Theme of each ToMUN. The themes regard growing global trends or problems.

This year’s theme is “Hope for Refugees’, with the significance it has in the modern world. The number of displaced people in the world has never been higher. According to UN High Commissioner for Refugees (HCR), around 68.5 people are forcibly displaced from their homes. The biggest crisis happened in Syria, with a number of 6.3 refugees that fled their country because of war or persecutions. The world's largest refugee camp is located in Dadaab, Kenya. Many people living there found themselves escaping violence or hunger.

People who leave their homes and cross international borders due to natural disasters, climate change or environmental factors are not considered refugees by international law.

Considering alarming statistics, we shall not forget the tragedy of those forced to ran away from everything they’ve known for their entire lives. Many do not make it to their destination, being captured retreating or perishing in the sea.


  • The problem of domestic violence

  • Legal status of surrogates in terms of parental rights and inheritance